About Us

Arabic Gifs is a software startup company with a mission to provide a fun, safe, and high quality path to search, create, and share the best dedicated Arabic Gifs content on the internet.

Gifs are an extremely popular way to share a thought, a feeling, or a significant moment with other people. We strive to provide high quality content for the 450+ million people in the Arabic-speaking world; this content is and will be based on the Arabic world's popular culture, in their homeland or diaspora, thus providing a more relevant experience.

Based out of Toronto Canada, “Arabic Gifs” founders bring years of experience from the Software and Media Industries. Our focus is to elevate the experience of our end users: be it individuals trying to search a Gif to share, a partner that likes to promote their content and make it widely available, or a business entity that aims to directly connect to our APIs to utilize our content for their own systems.